Traveling by train? It is crucial to stretch your muscles.

This is a simple exercise. Grip the bar with both hands. Lower your torso slightly, one foot in front of the other.

Keep this position for 2-3 minutes. Put your other foot in front, keep the position. Feel the strain? (Probably not; that can’t be helped). Repeat 5-6 times. Terminate this activity immediately should you start to feel dizzy.

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Our dog Buddy and his basketball #petstories #wonderdog

I can’t recall where he picked up this ball or who gave it to him – the first few years it was still full of air, but now it is actually easier to carry around.

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A short trip to Firenze/Florence in Italy

I spend two rather rainy days in Florence, it was surprisingly quiet, below a few photos of the sites that I passed during this trip (I didn’t have any time for actual sightseeing).

View from my hotel room, the cathedral was just a few meters away.

Palazzo Vecchio

Beautiful graffiti #1

Graffiti #2

Apparently, if you touch the snout of this boar, luck will find you. That’s why it is so shiny. I can’t figure out how this could possible work (the physical process between getting lucky and the snout of this animal) so I didn’t need to bother to try it out.

Medici Palace

Reliquary – sufficient bones to keep a medium-sized dog busy for a week :-)

This gentleman founded the art society of Florence.

A very cool bicycle girl

The bell tower of the cathedral

Sunrise, on my way to work.

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