Impressions from our trip to the UK #1, hikes and a lot of sun and fun. Traveling with Buddy.

We crossed the Channel at 4 in the morning, a full English breakfast and multiple cups of coffee were needed to keep us awake.
image1 image2

The white cliffs of Dover in the early morning hours. Always an impressive sight.

British transportation. Custom built, as the sign on the back revealed.

Small supermarket in Yorkshire. All essentials in stock, also serves as the local post office and pharmacy.

English humor – and cuisine :) as we were traveling with our dog Buddy we particularly noticed the hundreds of signs explaining that dogs must be on leads at all times and should be cleaned up after. Buddy is bad at reading, but we did our best :-)

And there is Master Buddy himself, relaxing after one of our sturdy walks.

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My working space. What does yours look like?

Every artist needs an atelier! I keep mine as orderly and organized as possible.

Well, in reality it is “enter at your own risk”. But all the tools, paint and brushes are near at hand.image


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A visit to Frankfurt – Saturday shopping


From our visit to Frankfurt where we wanted to buy a couch – successfully! I like the caricature of Adolf Hitler sucking his thumb. Very well done. And stuck on an original Litfaßsäule , an invention by a man named Liftfass – you should look this up in Wikipedia, as this is a very old invention, yet still in use all over Germany.

The entrance to the Chinese restaurant is also intriguing, the passage is at 20 feet long- not suited if you are very hungry.

A safer bet is the chocolate store. I didn’t buy any, as I have to watch my girth ;) instead we had a very heavy four course Italian lunch.

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